Determine Your Body Fat Measurement And Lose Fat Not Muscle

You may be losing weight, but are you losing fat or muscle? Millions of people are trying hard to lose that extra fat, but don't even know the basics of measuring weight loss. You can find out your body fat percentage by taking a body fat measurement. Your body fat measurement will reveal the amount of actual fat within your body and determine just how much weight (in fat) you can really lose. 

The human body is made up of muscle, bone, fat and other organic materials like blood that form the body's combined weight. Muscle weighs more than fat so you should determine the actual amount of fat contained within your body through a body fat measurement so that you aren't actually destroying muscle along with fat on the road to a more healthy life.

Men and women have differing percentages of body fat that are considered acceptable so it's not fair or plausible to lump the two together. A woman's body fat measurement should be no more than 31% by some standards while for men this percentage is around 25%. A woman should not try to lose more than 10% body fat and a man shouldn't try to lose more than 2%.

A person can take their own body fat measurement with a body fat caliper or a body fat scale that calculates body fat measurements as well as weight. Make sure that as you lose weight you aren't losing out on your health, too. Maintaining a healthy body weight percentage is important for looking and feeling well. 

Determine Your Body Fat Measurement And Lose Fat Not Muscle

Body Fat Measurement
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Body Fat Measurement