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Five Tips to Revive Broken New Yearís Fitness Vows
Thereís still time to rescue that resolution

(ARA) - The holidays may be a distant memory, but across the nation, people are haunted by their broken New Yearís resolutions. Tops among those goals are losing weight and getting in shape. Unrealized fitness resolutions cause frustration, regret and discouragement for many who really do want a healthier, fit lifestyle.

ďThereís nothing wrong with resolving to get fit, but so many resolutions fail because they approach fitness in the wrong way,Ē says Jeff Fliehs, director, Life Time Fitness personal training. ďAny time is a good time to get started on a fitness program; donít be discouraged if you havenít started the year off just the way youíd hoped.Ē

Fliehs shares Life Time Fitnessí tips for rescuing your fitness resolution:

1. Relax. Remember that fitness is a continuous pursuit. You have the rest of your life to improve it -- not just this winter or before swimsuit season starts. The goal is to improve a little bit every day, not to go from couch potato to triathelete in three weeks. Donít put too much pressure on yourself or youíll set yourself up for frustration and failure.

2. Research. Give some forethought to your fitness approach. Many fling themselves into running or working with equipment without thinking if they really like it. Find something you like to do, because youíre much more likely to stick with it if you do. And collect information about your body -- things like weight, pulse rate, body fat content -- before you start.

3. Reach short-term goals. Know where youíre at to begin with, so you can decide where you want to go. List some achievable, measurable targets by which to track your progress. A personal trainer is great for helping you determine what these goals should be. Remember that a complete fitness program should incorporate fitness, nutrition and education for optimum results.

4. Reality check. Many fitness resolutions are too aggressive or even impossible. Be realistic. If youíve been sedentary for years, a walk around the block may equal success. Good fitness is gradual, measured improvement. No matter what the television says, youíre not going to have perfect abs or the body you had 20 years ago in 10 minutes a day. If you think you will, youíre bound to fail.

5. Review. Know that youíll have to make adjustments and course corrections along the way. Track your progress and listen to your body. If something doesnít feel right, donít force it. If you start running and it bores you to tears, try something else. Try mixing activities to keep the interest level high.

Resolving to be fit is important, but itís also important to have a reasonable plan, to have good information about how to succeed and to make sure that your goals are achievable and reasonable. With this approach, short-term setbacks wonít cause long-term failure. Itís never too late to start again and start right.

For more information on Life Time Fitness, visit

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Five Tips to Revive Broken New Yearís Fitness Vows..

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