I want to lose my gut and not look back

"I want to lose my gut!" How many times have you thought this when you looked in the mirror? Seeing that unsightly flab every single day is enough to make you want to do something about it. A lot of people think, "Oh! A little spot training will help me lose my gut."

But that isn't true. There are ways to trim down a bulging waistline but you need to learn what will work and what won't.

Don't listen to anyone who says "Oh I did tons of crunches a day and lost my gut in weeks!" The body just doesn't work that way. Your body doesn't just burn fat in one particular area. Even if you only worked out your abs, the fat there wouldn't just disappear. The body burns fat over your body as a whole so you will need total body fitness to lose your gut.

Ask any bodybuilder who was once a bit on the paunchy size how they trimmed the fat from their midsection and the will likely answer, "How did I lose my gut? Weight training and cardio training." That's because you need to burn calories to get rid of that extra padding of fat around your waist. 

"How can I lose my gut?" may be one of the most sought after answers about fitness today. We all wish for that slim, trim swimsuit body that makes us look sexy in whatever we wear.

Exercise, eat right and possibly make use of vitamin and nutritional supplements to help you lose your gut and feel better about yourself.

I want to lose my gut and not look back.

lose my gut
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Lose my gut