Vegetarianism and sports

Is it possible to play sports without eating meat and What dangers await on the path of a vegetarian athlete, and what to eat in order to develop harmoniously?

When it comes to sports nutrition, most people quite reasonably imagine a refrigerator filled with fruits, vegetables and, of course, the most popular and extremely necessary element of an athlete’s diet – meat. And this applies not only to those who professionally move along the path of sports, but also to an ordinary person who leads a healthy lifestyle or wants to lose weight. The meat can be anything, however, often they choose chicken or turkey. Since it is not fatty and rich in proteins, which are necessary for active physical activity. But here’s what to do if a person, for some reason or belief, does not eat meat or is vegan at all. Can you exercise and eat only plant foods? What dangers await on the path of a vegetarian athlete, and what to eat in general? Now let’s figure out all the intricacies of the issue of physical activity and the possibility (or not) of the absence of meat in the diet. Recall that vegetarians are different. Among them there are differences in food preferences: • Half vegetarians who do not eat only the so-called red meat. We do not even take them into account, since they eat white chicken meat and, therefore, protein enters their body through white chicken or turkey meat. • Lacto-ovo vegetarianism. Here it is already more complicated, since any meat is banned. • Ovo-vegetarianism. Continuation of bans – “off the plate” announced additional dairy products. • Vegans are the most severe level. You can’t – any meat, milk, eggs and even honey. So is it possible to play sports without eating meat? In general, it is quite real, but it is much more difficult. It so happens that a person has to look somewhere for the protein the body needs. According to statistics, when doing sports, we need it from 1 to 4 grams per kilogram of body weight. Replacement sources include soy, legumes, grains, rice, avocados, and nuts. Supplementing all this with vegetables and fruits, you can compile the necessary proteins in the right amount. The second main problem for an athlete who does not eat meat is a lack of iron, which is one of the main sources of energy for humans. Although vegetarians are convinced of the opposite – by eating meat, on the contrary, you deprive yourself of energy, since all predators, and we, after dinner, are less active for some time. However, foods with iron content can be found easily – apples, oranges and all citrus fruits, cabbage, raisins, etc. A couple more surprising facts about which famous athletes are opponents of meat. Even in such a difficult sport as boxing, where in the ring you need not only the will to win, but also a lot of energy, there were famous people who became vegetarians. For example, Mike Tyson, famous for his tattoos, prison, and an ear bitten off from a rival. He began his vegetarianism back in 2010 and, as a result, also lost 35 kg. Completing the list of vegetarian athletes is runner Carl Lewis, “the greatest athlete ever to step on a track or field.” Among them are bodybuilders, swimmers, basketball players and representatives of other (almost all) sports. Make a conclusion for yourself – whether you need to complicate your life and limit yourself in eating meat, or, if normal health is more important to you, then – traditional sports complete healthy nutrition.