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Tummy Troubles         

Guest writes "Just about every person in the gym has the same question for the fitness expert besides “How do I get your body?” The next most asked question is “How do I lose my stomach?” Now they don’t mean this literally, they just want to walk around and not look six-months pregnant.

How about those electronic abdominal exercise belts? You know the one that transform a very round, protruding stomach into a flat, masterfully toned abdominal wall. While you’re listening to these claims made by the electronic belt manufacturers, it almost seems plausible that an electronic pulse could break down fat. Plausible yes. Possible no.

Do you think it’s too good to be true?

You’re right.

There are things you can do to improve the appearance of your abs-- however, they are not the things you see on TV infomercials. No electronic belt, fat-burning pill or 5-minute exercise routine will give you the bikini bottom you covet. Rather it is a combination of actions you do to give you results you want.

Will doing abdominal crunches alone give you toned abs? Unfortunately, not. Should you do them? Absolutely!! The reason is exercising your abdominal muscles is only one part of gaining a flat stomach. Toning and aerobic exercise (walking, cycling, running, stair climbing or swimming) will help to create a toned stomach. Just remember they do not work in a vacuum.

Think of a stool with three legs. You need all three parts – strength training, aerobic exercise and a healthy eating plan to boost your metabolism.

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to get back into shape is relying on one exercise or one machine. You cannot get results by doing the same exercise, anymore than you can do 200 sit-ups and eat the same foods to get a flat stomach.

Although we talk about the stomach as one unit, it actually has three sections: the upper abdominal area, the lower abdominal area, and the side abdominal near the side and back waist. Work these muscles at the specific area of the stomach in isolation and you are on your way to a toned tummy.

Remember results will not happen as fast as you’d like. By eating a healthy diet, committing to a combination of muscle-conditioning and aerobic exercise you will make a dent in those abs. Now you can exhale… -----

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