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"A New Way of Thinking   
By Ken Dennis [email protected]

Many people jump on the scale everyday and wonder, why am I so heavy? How can I get rid of this extra weight? I want you to consider a new method of thinking. Weight itself is not necessarily what you want to shed, you want to shed extra fat. You may be thinking, "What are you talking about?" Let me explain.

I believe that the best method of fat loss is not strictly in diet. I believe the best method of fat loss is in muscle gain! YES, muscle gain! The theory behind this method of fat reduction is as follows: Your body needs a specific amount of calories per day known as maintenance calories. Dieting in general reduces your daily caloric intake below the maintenance level thus you should shed fat. As you know this is not easy, if it were, we wouldn't have a high percentage of overweight people! I want you to consider a different way of thinking about fat loss. Think for a second about the maintenance calories, they are based on your metabolism, your structure, level of physical activity, and your muscles! I'm sure you have heard the term burning calories while working out before, and that is the basis for my theory on weight loss. If you gain muscle, they will increase your base level for maintenance calories. What does that mean for you? FAT LOSS! If your body in your current state requires you to consume 3500 calories a day for maintenance, that means anything you eat over that will get stored as fat. But if you gain muscles and your maintenance level was 4500 calories or more, then anything you eat less than that, is causing you to burn your stored fats!

So the next time you want to jump on the new diet bandwagon, think first about what exactly you are doing to your body. I want to tell you that in the process of gaining muscle, or "weight" might increase, but your FAT will decrease. You can "Weight" more, but have a smaller waist! Remember it isn't about Weight, it's about FAT!

Go to the gym, get those muscles, and become the fat burning machine I know you can be! You'll feel great and won't ever go back to fad diets!


-------------------------Ken Dennis------------------------------ Ken Dennis ([email protected]) Inspirational Writer and Webmaster of: Getbulky Health & Fitness -----------------------------------------------------------------